Launching Your Franchise

Franchise Brand Standards and Operations Manual

Some brands consider their franchise operations manual a legal formality when launching their franchise, something to complete in order to create an FDD and begin selling units. Others view it as the foundation for a library of optimized tools. Some want experienced guidance, others want speed.

We tailor products to your specific goals.



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A System for Growth

You’re not documenting your business, you’re documenting your business model. Franchisees don’t buy BBQ restaurants or massage studios, they buy business systems and brands. You can’t grow if you don’t have a system. That starts with the operations manual.

Plan for Change

You’re not perfect, and you never will be. But gaps in your system and processes will be exposed with your first franchisee. Having experienced advisors can make those gaps smaller and more manageable, requiring less re-work between franchisees one and two (and two to three).

Streamline Support

A good measure of how good your processes are is to ask yourself “Can I train a dentist to run this business?” – because your franchisees will come from all walks of life. Your operations manual is the basis for your training programs, especially at first. Train them. Support them. Help them succeed.

Franchise Essentials

You need a solid start and you need it fast. Sometimes documentation runs ahead of operational maturity. Our Franchise Essentials is a fully compliant franchise operations manual which incorporates best practices and baseline content every franchise needs, and give franchisee guidelines for not-yet-developed processes and policies.

As Low as $13,500
Full-Service Operations Manual

A more extensive process with experienced advisors to help you refine your policies and procedures for consistency and compliance. Simply documenting what it is you currently do is always enough to enable you to scale. We help you arrive at the best balance between brand integrity and franchisee creativity, without compromising either.

Starting at $17,500
We’ll help you get your franchise operations manual ready.

Tailored to your stage, goals, and budget.

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People are saying…

“I was forced to think through all my internal and external components and factors that I had not had time or the capacity to review before. It changed how I . . .

“[We] would recommend other companies build their procedures out fully, before starting an operation. It gave us a better foundation for training, and helped us communicate our standards more clearly.”

“Our existing operations documentation was disorganized, with a lot of the knowledge being verbally communicated. These playbooks enable us to scale.”