Established Franchise Brands

Modernize, target, and measure your franchise documentation

Established franchise brands run on content. Policies, procedures, and processes make up all parts of your system: operations manuals, training manuals, job aids, construction specs, equipment maintenance. It’s time to measure and optimize what you say and how you say it.

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Operations Manuals for established franchise brands

Brand Excellence

Most manuals don’t positively reflect the company’s brand. Websites and promotional material are continually updated to reflect brand standards and provide a good user experience. Most manuals, however, are not. Having beautiful documentation doesn’t require an ad agency, but it does require a plan and an update schedule. Manuals set the tone for franchisees. Start on the right foot.


Accuracy erodes over time, for a lot of reasons. Multiple authors, ad hoc changes, and snippets of content cut and pasted in multiple documents and channels cause confusion. Confusion erodes consistency and the brand, and it lessens your credibility. If you have a franchise library, you need a content strategy to create, manage, and publish accurate playbooks and guides.

Modern Use

Finding answers to questions, whether within a manual or on an intranet, is the only reason to write manuals, guides, and playbooks. Even better when your users – franchisees – can find information themselves, without support staff sending a link. Modern documents provide Google-like search and mobile-friendly formats for remote teams. PDFs just cannot do that.

From Content Chaos to Beautiful Order

  • Reduce cost to create and manage through content re-use across manuals, guides, and playbooks
  • Engage users with multi-media output
  • Ensure accuracy, consistency, and relevance with maintenance process best practices
  • Free your Support Team with franchisee self-service tools
  • Measure, track, and optimize what’s important to users



Creating is simple. Measuring and managing is not as easy.

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“Our company information was all over the place – intranet, personal drives, printed binders… Manual Makers helped us get our arms around what we had and what needed to be . . .

“Their search feature is just like Google’s. Maybe even a little better, because it’s just our documents.”

“Finding current information on our intranet used to be a real problem due to all of the PDF versions. Now we get the correct information, first try.”