Communicate Your Standards, Protect Your Brand

Documenting your franchise content system is not the fun part of creating a franchise, but it plays a large role in your success. Your standards – your processes – will define your brand.

Your franchise content will be either an asset – train teams, uphold standards –  or a liability – inconsistent, inaccurate.

Franchise content is not just about a 300 page gorilla of an operations manual, it’s about getting the right information to the right people at the right time. This is what we do.

Documents, policies, standards and procedures can feel overwhelming when they’re spread across different drives and systems. We specialize in making it all make sense. 

Building a flexible franchise documentation system

How you view your operations, marketing, and employee manuals has a lot to do with whether you’re in the early stages, an established franchisor, or a large operator (international, multiple brands, thousands of units).

Early-stage concepts often view an operations manual as a legal hoop to jump through, but savvy operators know that good documentation is also a sales tool. Larger operators know that frequent changes, multiple brands, regional differences, and other factors mean that process and efficiency are keys to consistency.

Different groups have different needs. Our methodology and systems scale from just a few units to thousands, but the philosophy is the same for everyone: build a flexible system that accommodates change.

Documentation Changes with Each Stage

Franchise documentation for emerging brands
Emerging Stage
  • Focus is on Creation
  • Legal requirement
  • Processes known, but unrefined
  • Vendors and suppliers uncomplicated
  • Document management and distribution are uncomplicated
Franchise documentation for growing brands
  • Focus is on Management
  • Some processes mature
  • New challenges require new standards
  • Training extends to new managers and employees
  • Document management more complex, distribution needs and options increase
Franchise documentation for established brands
  • Focus is on Management and Distribution
  • Mature brand standards
  • Processes refined
  • First generation units different than most recent units
  • Need for more consistent training
  • Document management and distribution require continual care

We’ve helped dozens of franchise companies go from idea to international system, designing franchise content, operations manuals, and training materials to help their partners grow their businesses.

Learn more about Franchise Operations Manuals

We know. It’s tough to run a business. And we know that you know you need to delegate more, to document your systems and procedures so you don’t have to be on-call 24/7. We can help. Our Franchisor Business Operations Playbooks are designed specifically for franchisors to make your processes stronger and your teams better.

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Every franchise starts with an Operations Manual. But as your system matures you’ll need to develop content for unit opening, marketing, training, and for specialized operations to match your type of business. We manage all types of content and have experience in advanced systems.

Learn More About Franchise Libraries

Our franchise content strategists will help you get the most out of your existing content. You can localize it and personalize it for different audiences and different manuals, and still make it easy to update across the spectrum.

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Whether you use a filesharing system like Google Drive, a proprietary intranet like FranConnect, or you have the robust search capabilities of an HTML knowledge base, if users can’t find what they need they’ll stop looking.

We help companies evaluate how their information is used, and determine the best option – or combination of options – for distributing that information.

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Training, for your franchisees or for positions in your franchised locations, means making sure the right content is structured for use in everything from your learning systems to printed job aids. 

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We’ll help bring order to content chaos 

Single documents, document libraries, company knowledgebases. We manage the written word.

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