Communicate Your Standards, Protect Your Brand

How you communicate standards and protect your brand might look different at different stages of brand maturity. This is why we offer customizable franchise content services, to get you what you need now and plan for future growth.

Your franchise content will be either an asset – train teams, uphold standards –  or a liability – inconsistent, inaccurate. We’ll help you create, publish, and manage information as it changes with each phase of company growth.

Franchise content is not just about a 300 page gorilla of an operations manual, it’s about creating useful tools that help franchisees be successful.

Change is constant. Flexible docs make change easy.
Growth is the goal. Scalable systems grow with you, protecting your investment.

Build Franchise Content as You Go

You have to have a Franchise Operations Manual, we know that, and having a strong focus on Brand Standards is an important part of the manual. But the best systems have built a franchise content library of smaller, more relevant guides and playbooks along the way. Construction, marketing, and training. Forms, tools, and guides. 

Creating only what you need when you need it can save thousands of dollars over time. And the support is better, too.

Franchise documentation for emerging brands
Launch / Emerging Stage
  • Focus on Creation
  • Legal requirement
  • Processes known, but unrefined
  • Vendors and suppliers uncomplicated
  • Maintenance and distribution are uncomplicated
Franchise documentation for growing brands
  • Focus on Tools & Access
  • Guides & Playbooks
  • Targeted information
  • Maintenance more complex, distribution needs and options increase
Franchise documentation for established brands
  • Focus on Optimizing Use
  • Measure and Manage
  • Streamline and clarify
  • Update and archive
We’ll help bring order to content chaos 

Single documents, document libraries, company knowledgebases. We manage the written word.

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