The Power of Search, for Your Business

Franchise documentation libraryIt’s easier than you think to convert all of your manuals and playbooks, processes and protocols, into a searchable, online knowledge base. Natural language search is far more user-friendly than file/directory searches, and you get better results faster.

Decrease support costs. Improve customer (employee) experience. Get stuff done faster. A searchable knowledgebase gives Instant Answers to your most commonly searched items, right in the search results.

No more email attachments. No more pinch-and-zoom. No more using employees as “search”. 

Productive people help themselves.


Corporate employees spend up to 10 hours per week looking for information they need to do their jobs. And when it takes a long time to find a form or product information, confidence in its accuracy is diminished. 

An online knowledgebase can focus your content to be useful and searchable, so users can help themselves.

Fewer Clicks

Internal information has the same challenges as website information: how many clicks does it take to get what I need? When information is buried 3, 4, or 5 folders down, users get frustrated. And the largest symptom of user frustration is they will send emails asking for help (“search by email”). 

Search surfaces relevant information faster, making teams more productive.

“Search by Email”

When users don’t trust a system (intranet, fileshare) to be used easily, they turn to what they know will work: asking someone directly for the document they need. “Can you send me that form again?” or “Where can I find that outline?”

Using email to ask others for information is the same thing as “search”, except that two people are unproductive instead of just one. 

We use search engines every day for a hundred different reasons. Why shouldn’t your employees have the same ease of use?

We’d love to help you build an online knowledge base so your users have answers at their fingertips.

Let’s discuss your goals and see if there’s a way to make them happen.

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