Operations Manuals Become Training System Content

Keeping your training system content aligned with the brand standards spelled out in your operations manual can be a complex task. We help by synchronizing your content across delivery mediums (channels), making sure your training content is always consistent, on-brand, and supports your standards. 

Training systems don’t have to mean maintaining the same content in two different places. We can help you manage your channels.

Learning system content

LMS & Learning Systems

Reuse the content from your operations and brand standards and feed it directly into your LMS or learning system. We produce content that is SCORM-compliant.

Training system content


Training system content re-use by audience is important. Plan for not just WHO is being trained, but the people who are also in charge of overseeing the training. 

Job Aids

Training system content re-use by channel is also important. Some positions just require beautifully designed and printed job aids. We produce content for print including posters, cards, and training books. 

Re-use Training System Content, Without Cut-and-Paste

Most training content originates in the operations manual, then becomes a training manual. But there is also a train-the-trainers manual, and a lot of info is used for print-outs and posters. There are three main reasons to re-use training content, and simply cutting and pasting it causes problems.

Different Audiences

This is most easily summed up in the difference between a training guide and a train-the-trainer manual: the checklists are the same, but one contains more instructions and conversation starters.

Different Objectives

While your operations manual may go into some detail about marketing activities and vendors, it’s really just an overview. A dedicated marketing manual goes much further into the how-to of marketing operations (for a different audience). Re-using this content saves time and lessens confusion.

Different Channels

A web site, an LMS training module, the PDF of an operations manual, and a poster for BOH all have the same information: how to wash your hands. But one uses a video, one provides in-depth written instructions, and one is a bullet point version with graphics. Same information, different channels.

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