Operations Manuals Made Simple

We help make your clients’ franchise operations manuals stress-free (if not for them, at least for you). We start with industry best-practices and, based on our years of experience, ask the right, probing questions to ensure your clients have the right balance between “too much” and “not enough” information.

Over time, your preferences – language, disclaimers, level of detail – become baseline for your clients, getting them to market faster.

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A Head Start

We have an extensive library of base franchise manuals and guides that we tailor to every client. Having the required topics in place lets us spend more time refining processes and policies for first-time franchisors. It also means clients get to market faster. All of our materials are developed in a content management system, which means documentation can be digital-first from day one. 

Attorney Input

The changes you make to one manual can be applied to all of your clients’ documents, so over time your specifications become more embedded into the base content. You will know that certain advice comes standard with all future documents, and spend less time on review and approval. If you have base content you usually provide your clients we can even help manage that for you. 

Experienced Advisors

We guide emerging brands through the process of documenting their businesses in a way that someone else can run theirs. Brand standards, training procedures, and compliance rely on clear communication and measurable outcomes. We do this in a way that is flexible enough to change and grow with the business, mitigates risk, and sets a foundation for future playbooks. 

“The problem was we needed an operations manual in order to replicate our business in other cities, but we did not have a clue where to begin.”

Franchise Manuals, Guides, and Playbooks for Every Stage

Franchises are meant to grow, and they will certainly evolve, but very few (less than 1%) ever grow beyond 100 units. Too much change – too much evolution – can strain unit support. Solid documentation, that adapts to change, can enable franchisees to self-service for operations questions, freeing support teams to help grow their businesses.

Planning for that growth and change begins with the Operations Manual, and continues with every stage in the franchise lifecycle

“I was forced to think through all my internal and external components and factors that I had not had time or the capacity to review before. It changed how I operated my business and how I perceived the company overall.”

We’ll give your emerging-brand clients a head start, and your mature-brand clients a leg up.

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